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About Online Booking

Compared to a passenger-for-hire vessel, there are no accommodations of convenience aboard Polaris. She is after all an exact replica of a 1000 year old ship sailed by Vikings!

This is an excursion that requires some hands-on participation. Guests are invited to row but we do use a motor.

We operate rain or shine. You will be outside, on the water, in summer and fall. Please remember to arrive well hydrated and bring your own water with you. You might feel cooler on the water than on land but the sun will be just as strong. Wear appropriate clothing (layers are good) and apply sunscreen.

There are convenient bathrooms nearby. We recommend you use them before embarking.

Guests are responsible for bringing their own food / snacks and liquid refreshments aboard. No alcohol is permitted unless otherwise stated in a booking agreement.

Due to concerns for passenger safety, the Captain has the right to refuse service to any individual that the Captain believes may negatively impact passenger safety.

Reservation / Cancellation Policy

Our standard cancellation policy is as follows:
Cancellations made up to 14 days of the booking date will receive a full refund.

Cancellations made more than 7 days in advance of the booking date, but less than 14 days in advance will receive a voucher for a future excursion.

No shows, or cancellations made less than 7 days priorthe booking date will not be entitled to a refund.

In the case of extreme weather (if thunder, lightning or heavy winds are present) the captain reserves the right to cancel or shorten the excursion. In the event that forecasted or actual extreme weather conditions force the captain to cancel an excursion from any time between the time of booking and up to the point of departure, each passenger booked on that excursion will be provided a rain check for future use.

The Captain may shorten a trip if, while the vessel is under way, the behavior of any passenger, in the Captain's judgement, presents a risk to passenger or crew safety.

Policy Notices

Unless expressly stated in the booking details, there is no alcohol provided, nor should any alcohol be consumed aboard during any of our programs.

Please refrain from smoking. This is after all a wooden boat!

Please leave your stash at home. Despite several states' recent legalization of marijuana, it remains a controlled substance and possession or use is considered a federal offense under the controlled substances act (21 USC 801).

Coast Guard crews (as a federal law enforcement agency) will continue to enforce all federal laws including those relating to the transport, use and possession of marijuana within navigable U.S. waters, regardless of location or intended use.

Thanks for your understanding.

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